Absolute Paraplanning is a boutique service for Financial Planners providing support and expertise in all aspects of wealth management.


Absolute Paraplanning supports you by:

  • Freeing up more time to spend in front of your clients
  • Helping your business to achieve a streamlined, process driven service
  • Retaining your own identity by adapting work to suit your company style
  • Enabling you to pick and choose the level of support you require
  • Offering fresh opinions on how to meet your client objectives
  • Developing a close partnership to meet your firms objectives
  • Providing a cost efficient alternative to employing staff


Our service is designed to meet your needs; whether you require research, report writing or anything in between – we strive to be as flexible as you need. We want to complement your existing team and develop long standing relationships with everyone involved in your business, and our work is presented to suit your firms existing style and image. If we feel a different approach could be considered in meeting your firms or client objectives we won’t be afraid to offer our thoughts.

We stay involved in each individual business process until you and your compliance team are wholly satisfied with the paperwork – our job is to produce compliant solutions for your firm.


We are not authorised or regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and do not provide financial advice to consumers. If you require financial advice then you should visit www.unbiased.co.uk to locate a local financial adviser.