Budget 2013

Some very brief budget bullet points … · Income Tax threshold to rise to £10,000 in 2014, a year early – an increase to the threshold of £560. · Corporation tax will be cut by 1% to 20% in April 2015. · The government will give CGT relief on sales of businesses to their employees […]

ECJ Ruling and Annuity Rates

As a result of the European Court of Justice ruling, the ban of the use of gender as a rating factor will come into effect on 21st December 2012 Experts believe that men will be offered annuity rates around 2-4% lower than at present, effectively slicing pension funds by a considerable margin. Therefore, if you […]

Video Interview with Heidi Witham

Video Interview with Heidi Heidi Witham, senior partner at Absolute Paraplanning, explains why advisers should outsource their paraplanning needs and how she has seen business grow. According to Heidi, paraplanners have never had so many opportunities.

Paraplanners urged to grow via other professional links, November 18, 2010

www.citywire.co.uk (click here for original article) Freelance paraplanners should be looking to forge relationships with lawyers and accountants as a way to expand their business, according to Heidi Witham. Heidi Witham, who founded Absolute Paraplanning in 2008, said lawyers often needed help choosing where to deposit client funds.  ‘What I have been looking at in […]

In the Spotlight – Heidi Witham, January 25, 2009

www.theparaplanner.com (click here for original article) We continue our series of interviews with a paraplanner to gain an insight into his or her career, working day and top tips for the rest of us. This week features Heidi Witham who runs her own freelance paraplanning business. Name – Heidi Witham Current Role – Senior Partner […]

And now – the rise of the freelance paraplanner

www.citywire.co.uk By Richard Lander | 09:18:21 | 14 August 2008 I had the good fortune last night to bump into Heidi Witham who has just left the McCroddan Partnership after its acquisition by Conforto Financial Management. Heidi is now setting up a new business, Absolute Paraplanning, ‘after discovering a gap in the market for freelance […]

Adviser insight: Outsource paraplanning to the experts

www.citywire.co.uk (click here for original article) By Martin Vaughan | 00:01:00 | 03 November 2008 The modern IFA business can ensure it has good quality paraplanners by outsourcing the work to specialist firms, writes Martin Vaughan of Paragon Paraplanning. As the role of the paraplanner becomes more understood, and as IFA businesses develop, one of […]